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constructed of Baltic Birch ply, maple, oak and cherry
single pre-finish coat of danish oil
friction drive - no drive band
single treadle (left or right) or double treadle

3 bobbins and on-board lazy kate
14" wheel

floor to orifice - 17-1/8" - flyer is at a 45 degree upward angle
orifice inside diameter - 3/8"
standard flyer holds 5-6 oz bobbin

standard ratios of 7:1, 9:1 and 12:1
onboard oil bottle - onboard orifice hook

airline carry-on compatible
HH Single Treadle - 7"H x 14"D x 21-3/4"H - 9.5 pounds
RB single treadle - 7"H x 14"D x19"H - 9.1 pounds
DT adds 0.9 pounds
HitchHiker/RoadBug Specifications